The Material of Custom Made Screws

The Material of Custom Made Screws

The Material of Custom Made Screws

Common Materials For Custom Made Screws

As we all know, screws can be produced by a wide variety of materials. The most common types of materials are steel and stainless steel.

There are 6 kinds of common materials for custom made screws. They can be simply divided into steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, nylon. We can choose which materials can be used according to the properties of these 6 materials.

The most important thing about purchasing custom-made screws is you can choose the types of your custom-made screws. What types of screws you decide to use may be influenced by many factors, such as service life and using environment, etc.

Next we will reveal the answer with you . And we will give you some suggestions when you choose materials to manufacture custom made screws.

To Figure Out What You Really Want

But it is not enough just choosing steel for custom-made screws. In the case of different customers and different specifications, we should figure out what kind of custom-made screws do they want and where it is used. We need to know what the tensile strength is. And we also should know what the tightening strength is.

So there are so many types of materials to manufacture custom-made screws. How can you choose the most economical materials? Whether you are planning to purchase custom made screws for manufacturing automotive or need them for other reasons, here are several materials can be manufacture different kind of screws for a different purpose.

1.Steel Custom Made Screws


Four Common Types of Steel in Manufacturing Custom Made Screws

  • Low carbon steel can apply to a wide variety of industries. It applies to machine manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing. But compared to other steel counterparts, it shows low strength.
  • Medium carbon steel possesses a medium level of strength. It is an ideal material for manufacturing automotive and automotive parts.
  • Alloy steel shows exceptional strength. It is best for socket head products.
  • Stainless steel can apply to all kinds of industries.

It depends on the grade. 300-grade stainless steel custom-made screws provide a medium level of strength. And it also varies in corrosion resistance properties, making it apply to a wide variety of industries.

But 400 grade is best for thread cutting and thread forming. Because it provides a medium to a high level of strength. And it also provides good corrosion resistance.

2.Brass Custom Made Screws


Why Choose Brass?--Strong Malleability And Relatively Affordable

Because brass is softer than other materials, thus making it has strong malleability. Although its strength is on a low level, it also shows good resistance to corrosion. And it is inexpensive to purchase.

Where Brass Screws Applied?--Mostly Brass Custom Made Screws Used For Cosmetic Purpose

Brass is a popular material in manufacturing custom-made screws. Mostly brass custom-made screws are used in a commercial applications. When it is used for aesthetic purposes, it is a good choice for marine industries.

3.Silicon Bronze is Good Anti-Corrosion Material For Custom Made Screws

Simply speaking, silicon is simply known as bronze. Fixing with a little silicon, a metal component can play a significant role in the marine environment. Because it has excellent corrosion resistance. And it has high strength than standard bronze. But it also has drawbacks. Its cost is very high.


4.Titanium Custom Made Screws


Why Choose Titanium?--High Level of Strength And Top Resistance to Corrosion

Titanium custom-made screws are also used in aerospace industries. As we all know, titanium is the premier material to manufacture custom-made screws. Because it has a high level of strength and top resistance to corrosion and wear. Thus, titanium custom-made screws are also best for some heavy-duty industries.

Where Applied?--Implanted into Human Body Without Side Effects

This material is mostly used in medical equipment.  Because we can implant it into the human body, such as bone screws. And it doesn’t have a bad effect on the human body.


5.Aluminum Custom Made Screws

What is Property?-- Conducive to High Heat and Electricity

Due to it is conducive to high heat and high electricity, making it ductile. So it has great performance of maintaining its strength and shape. Thus, this performance makes aluminum can apply to all kinds of industries, including automotive and aerospace industries.

Why Aluminum?--The Most Affordable Materials For Custom Made Screws

Aluminum is not only the most affordable material you can choose to manufacture the custom-made screws, but also the most abundant material on the earth.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal used to manufacture custom-made screws. Although aluminum has low strength, when it is combined with other metals, it is as low carbon steel.

Low carbon steel is mainly used in machine manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing. Aluminum shows more robust, but it doesn’t add any weight to the products.

6.Where Applied?-- Nylon Custom Made Screws

Nylon is one of the most commonly used plastic. It provides exceptional strength at all grades. And it also has excellent wear resistance.

Nylon custom-made screws can apply to medical device industries. Because it can anti-interference signal so that the use of medical machinery equipment can be safer.

Nylon custom-made screws can be used in the office equipment industry, due to their rust resistance.

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The Importance of Choosing The Right Material

These are a few materials you can use to manufacture a kind of custom-made screws. It is important for us to select the right material that will work for your exact intended application.

Influencing Factors in Choosing The Right Materials

When choosing the right material between titanium, aluminum, steel for your custom-made screws, you may naturally pay attention to its performance, cost, and whether this material is available.

Depending on your industry, you may need some standard fasteners. But for more specifications, you will need custom-made screws. Contact us, we have a professional expert to help you know which material can best meet your need.

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