How to Select the Best Custom Made Screws

How to Select the Best Custom Made Screws

How to Select the Best Custom Made Screws

When it comes to customized screws, their imaginable sizes and styles come into our minds. But it is not enough for some industries to use standard fasteners only. A customized screw can solve these problems easily, saving your money and time.

As a well-known and experienced custom screw manufacturer, Kai-x has the capabilities to meet your special specifications and requirements. We attach high importance to the quality. We hope to corporate with you.

If you want to purchase custom screws, you should pay more attention to their materials, sizes, drives, styles, applicable industries, screw strength grade, and so on.

How to Choose Required Materials for Custom Screws

6 Common Materials of Custom Screws

A range of materials can be made of screws, including
  1. Steel
  2. Aluminum
  3. Stainless steel
  4. bronze
  5. Aluminum
  6. Brass

In our previous article What Are the Most Important Five Parts of Stamping Cost, we mention that the fourth important part in stamping cost is surface finish cost. So you can easily think, there are also many finish materials like zinc, yellow zinc, black zinc, brass, bronze, nickel, etc.

Low Cost, High Quality

Different materials have completely different performances while using in different scenarios. Besides, the materials are different, the costs you spend are different. Under the premise of satisfying the performance, you can select the lowest cost materials.

Custom Screws Styles and Drives Styles Are of Necessity

8 Common Custom Screws Styles And 6 Common Drives Styles 

We can produce a wide variety of custom screws, such as:
  • set screws
  • socket head cap screws
  • flat head
  • hex head cap screws
  • pan head
  • thread cutting
  • Standoffs
  • jack screws

This is not the whole list about the custom screw styles. Various drives or head styles are also available.  They include Square, 6-Lobe, Slotted, Phillips, Socket, Temper Resistant, and so on.All these can be manufacture according to industry standards.

Manufacture strictly according to the Drawings

The screw types are in one-to-one correspondence. Even if different types are of the same size, they cannot be installed and tightened in actual use.

We are limited by your imagination, whatever you need we can try our best to meet your needs. If you want to know more, you can visit our website or send a message to us.

To Assure Custom Screws Apply to Your Industries

Where Custom Made Screws Are  Applicable?

A range of industries uses our screws, including automotive, electronic, marine, skateboard, equipment manufacturing, medical, transportation, and many other industries.

Many companies are more likely to find a screw manufacturer who can deliver plenty of screws immediately. We can offer a discount for those who give us large orders.

Choose the Most Suitable Custom Screws

Generally speaking, electronics industries are more precise, belong to small screws. Automotive industries need high-strength screws. It must stand the test by their use environment.

To Confirm the Proper Thread Types of Custom Screws

10 Common Types Of Custom Screws

Thread selection is also important for your components. Because different characteristics can influence the performance of your application greatly.

The thread types we offer for our custom screws are:
  • Type AB
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type 1
  • Type 23
  • Tri-Lobular
  • Thread forming
  • Tapping screw
  • Machine screw

Why Choose The Right Thread Types?

As one of the main connection and transmission applications in machinery, the role of thread cannot be ignored. In different applications, it is necessary to select the appropriate thread form and processing method.

Different types of thread types are used in completely different fields. They can not be substituted. They also can not be in common use. The wrong thread types may cause the screw not to be used in the actual production.

We can manufacture many custom screws according to your specification. Let our team help you better meet your requirements and specifications.

To Pick the Right Sizes of Custom Screws

Various Custom Screws Sizes

Screws can be made in a variety of sizes. Some diameters are available:

Metric size: M0.6, M0.8..., M1, M2, M3, etc.

Standard size: 000-120, 00-90, 0-80, 1-64, 1-72, 2-56, 2-64, 3-48, 3-56, 4-40, 4-48, etc.

Custom-made screws are available in size M0.6 and up. Whether you want to purchase small screws or unusual fasteners, you have come to the right place.

Why Should We Choose The Right Sizes of Custom Screws?

In the construction industry, the safety of bolted connections is generally underestimated. Choosing simple bolts/nuts as fasteners is an underestimation of its complexity. Common mistakes include choosing too large a bolt size, which will directly lead to costly repairs or accidents. It is also the same to other industries.

To Choose the Needed Screw Strength Grade

How many grades for screw strength?

There are many strength grades of screws, from 3.6 to 12.9, there are more than 10 grades. Grade 8.8 and above are high-strength bolts, and those below 8.8 are common bolts.

For example, for 8.8-grade bolts, 8 of which refers to the tensile strength of 800Mpa, and the remaining 0.8 is the yield ratio. The same goes for 10.9, 12.9, and so on.

Commonly, bolts with strength 4.8 are galvanized, so they appear shiny silver, while those with 8.8 are ordinary black (oxidized). We can easily distinguish them by their appearance.

So, the screw strength grades can be divided into many parts, including 2, 5, 8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, etc...

Choose the Correct Grade for Your Custom Screws

The correct screw grade can ensure that the screw meets the customer's requirements in actual applications. If the level is too low, it may cause quality accidents. Too high a level will affect product performance.

The most important thing is to strictly follow the above steps to choose. At the same time choose professional partners such as Kai-x, we have rich experience in exporting custom screws.

If you want to purchase custom manufactured fasteners, you should think comprehensively. But if you choose an experienced custom fastener inc like Kai-x, it can get twice the result with half the effort.

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