What is Metal Stamping? Metal Fabrication?

What is Metal Stamping? Metal Fabrication?

What is Metal Parts Stamping?

Metal stamping uses a stamping press to shape flat sheet metal. It is also called stamping blanks. Depending on the parts you need, the tool and die surface use various techniques to work the sheet metal.

Our manufacturing process includes the following techniques based on your specifications:

· Punching

· Blanking

· Coining

· Bending

· Flanging

· Drawing

· Embossing

· Curling

· Piercing

It is more likely to use CAD/CAM to design a stamping project for making
precise metal parts, and identical metal parts.  It takes patience and requires attention to detail to ensure precision and that all the final pieces fit together as intended.

Types of Metal Parts Stamping

Metal stamping projects use various techniques to achieve the desired shape, size, consistency, and speed. While each type has its advantages, they all work for different purposes and industries according to the pieces they produce.

Metal Fabrication Process Is Progressive

With progressive stamping, we move strip metal through a progressive stamping press, where it passes from one station to the next. Each station performs a specific function, including punching, bending, and cutting the metal.

Often, progressive stamping requires wide variety machines, especially when a project involves complex parts. Progressive stamping offers the advantages of a quick turnaround and creating repeated, uniform pieces. It also has the lowest labor cost for each stamping type.


Fourslide Metal Stamping

Fourslide stamping uses four tools, with each one bending the metal into the desired shape simultaneously.

Fourslide stamping simplifies the creation of complex parts. While it doesnt create pieces with as much uniformity as progressive stamping, it makes changing or adjusting the design easier when a project requires many parts with different bends.


Deep Draw Is a Technique Through The Metal Fabrication

Deep drawing is a technique where we use a punch to feed a blank into a die. Often in the automotive or aerospace industries, it works best for projects where a customer needs products of different diameters.

Deep drawing uses fewer raw materials than other stamping processes. It also works well for producing less complicated pieces at high volume.


What is Metal Parts Stamping Best Used For?

You can find stamped metal in almost any industry. You probably have stamped metal in virtually all rooms of your home.

We use sheet metal stamping to create products for industries like:

· Automotive

· Aerospace

· Electronics

· Home appliances

· Lighting

· Medical

· Military

· Telecommunications

This process also works well for making small, detailed component parts like washers and clips. You may also see stamped metal in the form of embossed or engraved lettering and images, including company logos.

In each of the industries we serve, metal stamping manufactures a consistent product so that each piece fits together seamlessly. Whether our customers need small, simple pieces like clips for hanging lamps or larger containers for batteries, our tool and die methods can produce identical pieces every time.

Stamping offers durability, precision, and versatility for almost any application. Industries like automotive need more durable metals, to stand up to rigorous use, like steel. Meanwhile, electronics and aerospace tend to use metals such as  copper, stainless, and aluminum

In serving so many areas, we use an array of metals and alloys to meet each ones standards. We understand that you need precision in your field. And were here to make perfect metal stamped products for you.

We Offer Custom Metal Stamping Services

Most companies have different requirements, even within the same industry. Thats why we offer custom metal stamping, no matter your needs.

We will work to understand your companys specifications and create a design and die to give you the product you want. We even offer services that go beyond making a custom metal stamping, including:

· Plating

· Heat-treating

· E-coating

· Screw insertion

· Stress relieving

· Reel-to-reel

· Tape and reel

· Pick and place


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