Production equipment

Production equipment

Four-die four-stroke automatic high-speed multi-station cold heading machine screw heading machine TX-4.4-7B Available outer diameter:1.5-7mm
Available length:65mm
Cut-off DIA(max):7mm
Cut-off Length(max):83mm
Main mold pass out stroke:70mm
The main mold is opened up and out stroke:15mm
Main mold size:Ф46*100
Die size:Ф31*80 Ф36*80
Cutting die size:Ф22*50
Bearing type high speed nut forming machine SJNF-11B-6SL Forging station: 5S/6S
Cut-off DIA(max):11
Cut-off Length(max):25mm
Kick-out Length(max):30
P.K.O length(max):15mm
Dies pitch: 50mm
forging power :56ton
product size:Ф11*30L
Ram stroke:120mm
output pcs/minute:50-150
main motor:11kw
Nut Former 17B7S Forging station: 5S/6S
Cut-off DIA(max):16
Cut-off Length(max):15
Kick-out Length(max):20
center distance between dies: 70mm
Ram stroke: 90mm
forging power :110ton
product size:M6~M10
output pcs/minute:220
main motor:20/25
pump motor:1/1
APA series high precision and powerful steel frame punch APA-110 Model: V H
Capacity: 260T
Rated tonnage point 7 3.5
Stroke: 250MM 150MM
Speed changing 20-40 45-50
Stable speed 35
Die height(Max) 500MM 550MM
slide adjustment: 120MM
Slide area:950*700*100MM
Bolster area:1500*840*180MM
Presses weight:32T
Die cushion capacity:14MM
Punching machine
C Frame Crank Press
SN1-160 Tonnage capacity: 1600kn
Stroke length:200mm
Tonnage rated point:1600KN
Die height:400mm
Slide adjustment:100MM
Slide area:720*580MM
Diameter of shank hole:
Bolster area:1250*760MM
Bolster thickness:165MM
Bolster height:900MM
Frame-inside distance:730MM
Frame-gap distance:390MM
Bulk material transfer taping equipment STC-1 Equipment type: Bulk material transfer and taping equipment
Device model: KRDA-STC1
Working method: fully automatic
Tape width: 8-32mm carrier tape (adjustable)
Maximum power: 1000W
Taping method: self-adhesive/heat-sealed
UPH: About 15KPCS/H is affected by product appearance and discharge speed
High-precision two-dimensional image instrument VMS two-dimensional image measuring instrument   Travel(mm)
Metal table size(mm):
Video system:
Camera: 1/2"color CCD camera
Magnification: 23.5X~148X
Auto zoom lens magnification: 0.7X~4.5X
X, Y,-axis indication error: (3+L/75)μm (L is the length of the measured object. Unit: mm)
X, Y,Z-axis Display rate:0.5μm
High-precision two-dimensional
Precision salt spraying tester   All equipment needed in the test: Spray nozzle, salt water barrel, test piece support, spray liquid
collection container, test chamber, salt water, supply tank, pressure tank,
supply equipment and exhaust equipment required for compressed air, the device is shown in Fig, and test as followed.

1.Blunt material is required, it is required that the material itself cannot be corroded, and it can not affect the corrosion test.
2.The fog nozzle cannot spray the test liquid directly to the sample , the solution at the top of the spraying chamber cannot drop on the test piece.
3.The test liquid dropped from test piece cannot flow back to the salt bucket again for the test.
4.The solution should not contain grease and dust, so you have to prepare an air cleaner.
5.Spray liquid should be collected at least 16 hours, an average per hour can be collected 2ml to 1ml solution. Use the final average to represent the amount of spray.
6.The concentration of the Sodium Chloride Solution should be maintained at 40~60g/L.
7.The temperature of the pressure barrel should be kept in 47+1 degree,temperature of the brine barrel should be kept in 35+1 degree.
Precision salt spraying tester
Image screening machine RK-1500 Product Details
Machine features:

Using the high light transmittance of glass, objects can be steadily placed on the detection plate or can be detected by lying flat

Wide detection range: fasteners, mobile phone parts, rubber products, electronic components, special-shaped hardware, shafts, etc.

Add 2-6 cameras according to inspection items

Detection speed: depending on the object and the feeding system, the fastest can reach 500-1200pcs per minute

It can be customized according to customer needs, adding automatic counting packaging machine and replenishing hopper
Turret Milling Machine YSM-26 Low range: 80/160  135/270 210/420 325/650
High range: 660/1320 1110/2220 1750/3500 2720/5440