Free samples delivery

Free samples delivery


Whilst our website and catalogue provide our customers with detailed specifications and drawing and our customer care are available to answer any specific query that you may have, we understand that sometimes it is difficult to make a decision without having the product in your hands. We pride ourselves on helping our customers choose the correct products for their requests so encourage the provision of samples when necessary to help in the purchasing decision.
Please familiarize yourself with the following information prior to submitting your sample request.

Standard fastener product

Prior to confirming your order, we are happy to provide a sample of most products in our website or product catalogue so you can make sure that the finish and specification of the item meets your requirements.
Samples are provided free of charge, however, if you proceed with your order you will receive a bill for the international delivery service which is a standard service of DHL, UPS or FEDEX.
Supply of samples is also subject to stock availability. Pls indicate clearly the quantity and specification of samples before making a samples request by email.

Customized CNC/machining parts

If you wish to order a custom made product, prior to you placing an order a sample of a similar design can be provided to you so that you can assess the quality and features of our products.
A pre-production sample is an actual product made to your specific requirements after you have placed an order with us or you paid for the new mold cost. Pre-production samples are provided free of charge but you must advise our customer care in advance when placing your order that you will require a pre-production sample.
The supply of a pre-production sample will add approximately 10-14 days to the quoted delivery date.
If after reviewing the pre-production sample you decide to make changes to any features or specifications of the product as ordered, you will be charged for the mold fee,material, labour and delivery costs associated with the sample.
Final production of any custom product will not proceed until you have provided signed authorization of the design. Any production delays incurred as a result of you not providing authorization within the required time frame will not be the responsibility of Dongguan Kaixiang Industrial., Ltd. and will add to the quoted delivery date.